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50 of the best films according to women critics

Stacker discusses 50 of the best films of all time according to CherryPicks, which made selections based on reviews by women and non-binary critics.


Easy dog breeds for first-time owners

Never owned a dog, and wondering what breed is the best one for you? Stacker used data from the American Kennel Club to help determine which are the easiest breeds for first-time owners.


America's neighbor to the south: 25 facts about Mexican history and culture

Discover Mexican history, culture, heritage, and traditions with these 25 surprising facts about Mexico. If you thought you knew Mexico before, get ready to think again.


Healthiest cities in America

For healthy living, these 50 American cities provide the best environments for their residents. Using data from Niche, Stacker ranks the healthiest cities in America.

15 ways air travel can affect your health

Air travel may be the fastest way to get you from point A to B, but it can also take your body on quite the journey. Here are 15 ways that air travel can affect your health.

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