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Animal shelters that take in the most dogs and cats in every state

Using statistics and information collected by Best Friends Animal Society, which runs the largest no-kill sanctuary for animals in the nation, Stacker has created a list of animal shelters that took in the most animals in every state in 2018.

20 celebrations this holiday season besides Christmas

From religious festivals to ceremonies honoring the change of seasons, as well as secular events that take place in many different countries, Stacker has gathered information from various sources to compile a diverse list of fall and winter holidays celebrated all over the world.

These 9 countries will make up half the world's population growth by 2050

Stacker has provided a breakdown of the nine countries whose populations are slated to eventually make up half the world’s population, ranked by their projected population increases between 2018 and 2050, as well as information on why these countries are growing so quickly and how this rise in th

50 of the best 'SNL' skits

Using data and research from various sources, including sites such as IMDb and NBC, as well as fan pages and celebrity interviews, Stacker has compiled a list of some of the best skits to ever grac

States with the least expensive electricity

Stacker reviewed data compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) to determine which states have the least expensive electricity costs.

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