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NPR Tiny Desk concerts to enjoy during containment

Stacker sorted through NPR’s editorial lists of top Tiny Desk Concerts and manually compiled a diverse selection of 50. If you’re looking to explore new and different music, or revisit some of your favorites, take a look at Stacker’s curated playlist of NPR greats.

50 spectacular images of Earth from space

Stacker curated a gallery of some of the most amazing NASA satellite images taken of Earth from space.

40 most nutritious fruits and vegetables, according to experts

Take a look at Stacker’s comprehensive list of the 40 most nutritious fruits and vegetables available, ranked by nutritional fitness scores.

Best dog breeds for hunting

Using data from the American Kennel Club to rank dog breeds in the Sporting Group, Stacker has compiled a list of the best dog breeds suited for hunting.

Most popular baby names of every decade

Using information collected from the Social Security Administration's historical baby names database, Stacker compiled a list of the top five baby names for both girls and boys in every decade starting with the 1880s, the year in which the SSA began recording these data and ending in the 2010s.

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