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Major boycotts that changed history

People have used boycotts to raise awareness about everything from civil rights to infant formula. They’ve changed policies and improved safety standards. Here are 30 boycotts that have made their marks on history.  

Main Street of America: Route 66 attractions state by state

Known as the “Mother Road” of the U.S., Route 66 connects Chicago to Los Angeles. Here are 50 Route 66 attractions for any traveler looking to make the eight-state road trip.

30 ways having a baby has changed over the last 50 years

From epidurals to IVF, advances in technology have made the birth process easier while helping millions of women with infertility. See how having a baby has changed over the last 50 years. 

Celebrities who married people who are not famous

Stacker looks at celebrities who married people who are not famous.

Most likely destination for travelers from every state

When U.S. residents want to travel, they check flights to the beach. Florida and California are favorite spots for domestic travel, with Orlando claiming the most visited city title. With flight searches from 2017 to 2018, see where travelers from each state are most likely to visit.  

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