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Revolutionary inventions from the year you were born

From 1919 to 2018, inventors have created medical and technological advances that have changed the world and made life safer, healthier, and easier. See brilliant inventions from the year you were born.

50 best beach towns to live in

Stacker consulted data from WalletHub, comparing factors like affordability, safety, economy, and quality of life, to find the best American beach towns to live in. 


Do you know the brands behind these famous slogans?

Advertising can make or break a brand. When they work, slogans can increase sales and endear a company to consumers for decades. See which brands are behind these famous slogans.


Looking back at 52 years of government spending

To fund the government, the president proposes a budget. Then Congress has to talk it over and vote before anything gets the green light. The approval process generally takes a considerable amount of time.

Space discoveries that will blow your mind

Stacker shares space discoveries that will blow your mind. 

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