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Stories behind every NHL team name

The story describes the team name origins of 32 current professional hockey teams since the early 20th century. Leagues include the current NHL and, where appropriate, the historic NHA and the WHA, with teams in the U.S. and Canada.

Most popular baby names shared by famous musicians

Stacker presents the top 50 most popular baby names shared by famous musicians using from Behind the Name's list of notable musicians and the Social Security Administration's 2018 name popularity rankings.

15 over-the-top Halloween displays from across America

Many people decorate the outside of their homes for Halloween, encouraging trick-or-treaters and neighborhood fun. This slideshow presents some of the most over-the-top displays across the contiguous United States that are worth a visit for Halloween 2019.

Most played songs on Spotify

Stacker has taken a look and listen to the 25 top streaming songs on Spotify in 2019, through April 12. These songs were in the top 200 for each week and had a combined 6.8 billion streams.

Most polluted countries in the world

Ambient air pollution is present around the globe, but some nations have concentrations that far exceed guidelines established by the World Health Organization. This slideshow ranks the 50 nations where the levels of fine particulate matter people breathe are the highest.

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