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Biggest dog breeds

Stacker takes a look at the biggest dog breeds in the world. We analyzed 193 dog breeds based on American Kennel Club data, sifting through statistics on Akitas to Zuchons.

America's biggest travel nightmares (and how to avoid them)

There is no shortage of travel nightmares for the American tourist, whether in transit or on unfamiliar land. Here’s the list of America’s biggest travel nightmares and some tips to avoid them, ranked from #20 to #1.

Best and worst Jennifer Lopez movies

In honor of Jennifer Lopez's birthday, here are the best and worst Jennifer Lopez movies, ranked from 31 to 1 by their IMDb scores. J.Lo turns 50 on July 24, 2019—it’s time to separate the “Gigli”s from the “Out of Sight”s once and for all.  

25 of the world's most expensive hotel rooms

The search for sumptuous suites meant investigating rooms from New York and Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi and Sardinia. These are 25 of the swankiest, most expensive hotel rooms on the face of the Earth. 

Where millennials are moving

Millennials these days have become the new adults—and they’re going any and everywhere that they can afford to buy a home. These are the 30 cities where millennials are moving, ranked by the percentage of recent movers who are millennials. 

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