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Most and least healthy states in America

Using 2018 data from America's Health Ratings' annual report, Stacker ranked each state from least healthy to most healthy. Also included are the best and worst healthy traits of each state.

15 unconventional Christmas albums from the past 50 years

Stacker brings readers 15 of the most unconventional Christmas albums in the last 50 years. Songs include new material, covers, or completely made up songs from an alternate universe.

Holiday gift crazes and fads of the past 100 years

Stacker researched the crazes and fads of years past, from 1918 to now.

Where America sends its planes and 25 other manufacturing exports

The United States exports a mass amount of goods every year. This slideshow looks at 26 of them to determine where exactly those exports are going.

States with the most expensive gas prices

AAA tracks average daily gas prices per gallon for each state. Using data pulled from AAA on Oct. 25, 2019, Stacker ranked each state and Washington D.C., from lowest to highest cost of gas. Prices for regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel gases were considered.

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