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Impact of accessible content by the numbers

Stacker takes a deeper look at the impact of accessible content through some jaw-dropping statistics. This article highlights the benefits of accessibility using data from authoritative news sources and industry reports.

Tourism industry by the numbers

Stacker looks at the UN World Tourism Organization’s 2018 Tourism Highlights Report to break down the facts and figures behind the global tourism industry.

U.S. airports with the most delays

Stacker explores the U.S. airports with the most delays.

States with the highest and lowest Trump approval ratings

To get a better grasp of Trump’s popularity, Stacker took a look at Morning Consult’s monthly polls tracking Trump’s approval ratings in every state and Washington D.C.

Cities with the worst commutes in America

Stacker analyzed 2017 American Community Survey data on average commutes across the country, including cities categorized by the U.S. Census Bureau as urban areas.

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