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Famous border walls throughout history

Stacker looks at 30 famous border walls throughout history. From the Wall of Jericho to Vatican City Walls, Stacker looks at why the border was erected, who is separated, and the cultural significance of each.

Best new artist the year you graduated high school

Stacker presents a chronological timeline of the winners of the Best New Artist Grammy from the first award in 1960 to the 2019 nominees. A short biography of each artist and their most famous work is also included.

Biggest recipients of U.S. military aid

Stacker ranks the top 10 recipients of U.S. international military aid by proposed USAID appropriations for foreign military funding in the 2019 fiscal year. It details any changes to proposed funding since the 2016 fiscal year, historical U.S.

Dog breeds that have attacked the most people

Stacker carefully considers the dog breeds that have attacked the most people.

States with the highest and lowest Trump approval ratings

Stacker ranks all 50 states and D.C. by their approval rating for Trump, using Morning Consult's Dec 2018 polling.

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