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Billion-dollar companies that didn't exist 10 years ago

Many of the companies we rely on daily are less than 10 years old. Stacker has looked at the current valuations of the largest companies in America to compile a list of 20 billion-dollar companies that did not exist 10 years ago.

States with the most highly ranked colleges

Each state is different. Some states are wealthy with highly ranked schools while others have few or none. Stacker has consulted Niche's 2020 Best Colleges in America list to determine which states have the most highly ranked colleges. 

Fastest-growing cities of the decade

The United States has gained more than 18 million residents since 2010. Stacker has consulted the U.S. Census Bureau to learn which cities have grown the fastest in the last decade.

Can my dog eat this? 50 human foods dogs can and can't eat

We love our “fur babies,” but we can't always feed them the same thing we are eating—no matter how much they beg. Stacker looks at 50 different foods to determine which are safe for your dog and which are not.

Most common home improvements

It’s expensive to own a house: Costs go beyond the initial price of the home, as regular maintenance and renovation can be expensive. Stacker has consulted Zillow to help determine the 11 most common home improvements.  

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