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30 of the world's most endangered languages

Stacker creates a list of 30 languages from around the world identified by UNESCO as “critically endangered,” meaning the youngest speakers are grandparents or older, and speak the language partially and infrequently.

Popular child stars from the year you were born

This slideshow lists popular child stars by year, from 1919 through 2018. Information includes noteworthy roles, awards won, contributions to the industry, and personal trials and tribulations.

Actresses with the most SAG awards

Stacker shares the actresses with the most Screen Actors Guild Awards.

51 of the most-nominated artists who have never won a Grammy

Stacker's article lists and summarizes the 51 musical artists with the most Grammy nominations who have never actually won the award, prior to January 2019. Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement awards are excluded.

30 famous feuds throughout history

Stacker combed through the history books, newspaper archives, and the internet to compile this list of 30 famous feuds from around the globe, ranging from verbal sparrings to vengeful bloodbaths.

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