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Common household pets that live the longest

The bond between pets and their owners are strong, but they’re often short-lived because of the brief lifespan of animals. Some pets, however, live longer than others. 

Most popular gender-neutral baby names

Stacker looked for the most popular gender-neutral baby names, consulting the Social Security Administration’s baby names database and using data from 2018 (the most recent year available).

Most popular dog breeds that keep it quiet

What are the most popular dog breeds that are the quietest?

Baby names that lost the most popularity the year you were born

Stacker created a ranked list of baby names that lost the most popularity in each of the past 100 years.

50 staggering statistics from the business world

Stacker looked at international and domestic businesses, communications, entertainment, e-commerce, salaries, labor unions, industry studies, and government reports to find the most staggering and most intriguing business statistics of the year.

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