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100 best documentaries of all time

In the market for a new documentary to watch? Stacker rounds up a list of the hundred best of all time, according to the aggregator review site Metacritic.

Ranking the best years in movie history

The best years in movie history might surprise you. Take a look at the best years of movie history and the films that go along with them, according to IMDb.


Highest-paid jobs in health care

Think all health-care professionals wear white coats and are paid the same? Think again: Stacker mined data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to figure out which are the highest-paid jobs in health care.

What life was like in New York City 100 years ago

Think New York City has always been a glittering metropolis? Think again, with Stacker’s look through city records and archives from 100 years ago that reveal a very different New York.

Baby names with the most timeless popularity

Every year, a new list of baby names surge in popularity in the United States due to famous people, real or fictional, with the same name. But what about perennial favorites?

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