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Essential COVID-19 stats: Where testing, case counts, and outbreaks stand in your state

Stacker compiled COVID-19 statistics from several different sources to discover essential information on COVID-19 testing, case counts, and outbreaks by state.

Tracking how COVID-19 spread in every state

COVID-19 spread throughout the country equally? Think again with a look at the virus’ transmission in all 50 states with data from The Atlantic’s “Covid Tracking Project.”


Where every state stands on flattening the curve

Are your state’s efforts to flatten the curve paying off? Check out how every state is doing, based on data from the COVID Tracking Project.


Has your state peaked? Examining COVID-19 projections

To determine whether each state has reached the peak of its COVID-19 outbreak, Stacker

27 factors that make you vulnerable to COVID-19

Different health and social conditions can make COVID-19 riskier for certain populations.

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