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States with the highest cancer rates

Cancer affects every American, whether directly or indirectly. But some regions of the country are more hard-hit than others. Stacker used CDC data on the incident rates of cancer in every state to examine how this disease is impacting the nation.

The 39 best environmental charities

Nonprofit organizations across the country are working to broaden public understanding of climate change. Using Charity Navigator’s database, Stacker has compiled a list of 39 such environmental charities that work on a national level.

30 green jobs that can help fight climate change

You don’t need a degree in environmental science to fight climate change. Inspired by a list of green jobs in Data for Progress’ report, Stacker explains which occupations are on the front line against climate emergency.

Major cities most at risk of rising sea levels

Climate change will not wait for administrative reform.

50 endangered species that only live in the Amazon Rainforest

The 2019 fires in the Amazon rainforest threaten one-tenth of the known species on Earth. Stacker used the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List to highlight 50 endangered species from this region that have been put at risk by this summer’s crisis.

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