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Endangered penguins of the world: Why they're threatened and how to help

Penguins are the world’s second-most endangered bird group—Stacker looked at the growing threats like climate change that they are facing and how you can help to save them.

20 ways humans have shaped dogs’ evolutionary history

Dogs share a unique bond with humans as our closest companions and the first domesticated animals.

20 starter houseplants anyone can keep alive

From pretty flowering plants to succulents and unusual-looking cacti, Stacker compiled a list of indoor plants that anyone can grow at home effortlessly.

Can you solve these real 'Jeopardy!' clues about the Earth?

Test your knowledge about planet Earth by answering these real "Jeopardy!" questions taken from 36 previous seasons of the popular game show. Stacker also provides interesting tidbits with the answers to make it more fun.   

New species discovered in the last decade

The last decade has given the world an array of new species that were discovered around the world. This list showcases 30 such unique species living on land and the sea, including tiny frogs, butterflies, orangutans, and unusual looking tree mammals.

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