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1 million species are facing annihilation—inside Earth's sixth mass extinction event

Stacker looks into key statistics of the landmark United Nations-backed report that found that up to 1 million plant and animal species face extinction, many within decades, because of human activities, with alarming implications for human survival. 

The 90 companies responsible for two-thirds of historical greenhouse gas emissions

Scientists estimate that emissions from just 90 companies contributed to nearly 50% of the rise in global mean surface temperature, and 57% of the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide in the past 130 years.


Endangered penguins of the world: Why they're threatened and how to help

Penguins are the world’s second-most endangered bird group—Stacker looked at the growing threats like climate change that they are facing and how you can help to save them.

20 ways humans have shaped dogs’ evolutionary history

Dogs share a unique bond with humans as our closest companions and the first domesticated animals.

20 starter houseplants anyone can keep alive

From pretty flowering plants to succulents and unusual-looking cacti, Stacker compiled a list of indoor plants that anyone can grow at home effortlessly.

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