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How climate change impacts extreme weather across America

This article explores the correlation between climate change and extreme weather in the United States. You’ll learn how global warming impacts weather, and how warming-driven weather affects the country, its resources, and its people.

Countries that produce the most cars

This article examines the massive, sprawling, global auto industry. You’ll learn about the top 25 countries that dominate global manufacturing, whose cars they build, who buys them, and who profits.

The most common health conditions affecting Americans

This article reveals the health conditions that have the greatest impact on the American public. You’ll learn which ailments are most prevalent, which states have the highest instances, and what you can do to avoid them or mitigate their impact.

States with the worst droughts

This article reveals which states have the highest rates of drought. You’ll also learn about the factors that caused or prevented drought in every state in the country.

Can you answer these real Jeopardy! questions about politics?

Stacker gives you a chance to test your knowledge of U.S. politics and political history in “Jeopardy!”'s famous answer-as-a-question format based on real questions from actual episodes.

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