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50 ways food has changed in the last 50 years

The nature of food, how it's made, how it's purchased, how it's cooked, and how consumers feel about it has transformed over the last half-century. Read on to learn about the evolution of food over the last 50 years.

Strange laws to be aware of in the most popular countries for tourists

Stacker explores strange laws in popular countries.

Jobs that might not exist in 50 years

Sophisticated software, robotics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and changing trends are threatening the livelihoods of everyone from taxi drivers and restaurant servers to computer programmers and librarians. Stacker looks at jobs that might not exist in 50 years. 

SAG Best Actor award winners from the last 25 years

In anticipation of the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Stacker looks back at the men who won Best Actor during the award show’s quarter-century run. 

2019 in space: 25 notable astronomy discoveries in the last year

2019 was an amazing year for science—particularly as it applies to the cosmos. The achievements and discoveries in the realm of astronomy for the year are too many to name, but this article profiles 25 of the very best.

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