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What the world was like when your grandparents were born

From the devastating Civil War battles to abolition to the ravages of not one but two world wars, the world has changed immeasurably in the last 150 years. To examine what was going on that led to so much upheaval, Stacker explores what the world was like when your grandparents were born.

Can you name the local currency for these 50 countries?

This article will test your knowledge of the many different and varied currencies that drive the world’s economies. Readers will learn about the money people use around the world to buy, sell, and invest as well as the history of how they came to be.

Heartwarming stories about dogs saving humans' lives

Whether they're elderly, blind, scared or hurt, dogs have repeatedly taken split-second action to rescue people—in many cases, the very person who rescued them. Stacker compiles a list of 10 heartwarming stories about dogs saving humans' lives. 

50 common weather terms, explained

You’re no stranger to weather reports, but do you always understand what the meteorologist is saying? This article explains some of the most commonly used words, phrases, and terms in the world of weather.

50 ways food has changed in the last 50 years

The nature of food, how it's made, how it's purchased, how it's cooked, and how consumers feel about it has transformed over the last half-century.

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