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How many children live in poverty in your state?

Health, education, income, and local legislation are all factors that contribute to child poverty. Stacker looked at data from the U.S. Census SAIPE State and County Estimates for 2017 to find the number of children who live in poverty in each state.

Diwali explored in 20 stunning images

Diwali marks a new year and the triumph of good over evil. Stacker compiled 20 images to explain the nuanced traditions and histories of this festival of lights.

Most popular amusement parks worldwide

Stacker offers snapshots of the 25 most popular amusement parks in the world. Attendance data from Themed Entertainment Association shows which parks boast the highest attendance numbers.

Food fads and their origin stories

People are constantly inspired by the diversity that surrounds us—especially with food. Food fads, new and old, can toe the line between appreciation and appropriation, but crediting the sources of every dish is a step toward celebrating the variety in world cuisine respectfully.

How much carbon dioxide does your state emit?

Stacker looked into each state’s total and per capita CO2 emissions, as well as the change in emissions since 2000, using 2016 data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s most recent carbon dioxide emissions report,

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